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We are thrilled to collaborate with worldwide distributors of HOWSPORT and offer brands that are tailored to individual requirements through ODM manufacturing. 

As an ISO13485 and MDR approved company, we ensure that all our registration documents, including FDA, CE, and GMDN, are up to date and available to our clients.

Our range of coated materials, which includes films, rayon, cotton, and elastic fabric, is ideal for use in medical plaster and wound dressing applications. 

We offer specialized breathable coatings in a variety of designs, such as regular, homogeneous, linear, and wave, that are extensively used in sports tapes and medical bandages. 

Additionally, we provide premium quality sports tapes and bandages ranging from kinesiology tape, rigid strapping tape, fixation tape, elastic adhesive bandage, tear stretch tape, foam underwrap, athletic tape, and precut patches, all of which are of the highest quality.

our products

  • Football, Handball

  • Basketball

  • Rugby

  • Cricket, Baseball, Softball

  • Hockey

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

  • Swimming, Diving


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