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HOWSPORT was established by Romann Liu, a highly experienced senior engineer in the glue industry, who previously worked in PetroChina. Mr. Liu has authored several books and papers on glue preparation and chemical engineering and has received the prestigious Chinese-National Invention Patent Gold Award, jointly awarded by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office.

In 2010, Mr. Liu ventured into the medical devices field and founded HOWSPORT to concentrate on sports medicine. The company boasts of eight categories of products, including kinesiology tape, rigid strapping tape, cotton athletic tape, self-adhesive elastic bandages, and adhesive elastic bandages, among others. It has more than 40 product series and over 40 patents, including new patents granted annually. Kinesiology tape alone has attained three invention patents and a dozen utility model patents, showcasing the diversity of product structure design and manufacturing competencies.

At HOWSPORT, we are committed to quality policy that prioritizes excellent customer service, quality assurance, pioneering innovation, and perseverance. We fearlessly innovate and apply new technologies, materials, and processes to develop and produce new and cutting-edge products. To position our products in the mid-to-high-end domestic and foreign markets, we collaborate with well-known entities such as Nordson, Henkel, and BASF.

Our ultimate objective is to generate wealth for our employees and value for clients by promoting injury-free sports through our vision of "loving sports without injury". We aim to reduce the struggle of athletic injuries while enabling both amateur and professional sports enthusiasts to relish the joys of sports. We work closely with professional physical therapists, providing training, product design, and delivery for doctors, physical therapists, and sports enthusiasts. Our focus is to offer sports protection products that ensure the preservation of sports health.


Brand story


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